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SloMo Lounge of Dallas Launches New Slow Motion Photo Booth

One of the hottest trends in the event entertainment industry has been the rise of slow motion video booths. To capitalize on this trend, SloMo Lounge of Dallas is announcing the launch of its newest slow motion video booth with all new features for 2015.

"All new for this year is the ability to print lab quality photos as well as share video on social media and email during a live event", said Dennis Walthers, owner of, a Dallas based small business. Mr. Walthers is also the owner of the popular digital graffiti wall technology from Air Graffiti Dallas.

"We have new features we are planning for 2015 that include our "Paparazzi" Mode that takes dozens of photos in seconds along with dozens of flashes to create a celebrity style, red carpet paparazzi effect. The event guest can select the best shots to print lab quality prints. We expect this to be a popular feature" said Walthers.

Photo event entertainment has always been popular and most have experienced traditional photo booths. As the technology evolves its only natural that new unique and innovative uses of technology are developed that take it to the next level. Companies like Dallas SloMo Lounge and Air Graffiti Dallas are two excellent examples of how technology can bring a fresh new approach to photo event entertainment.

"Our technologies are being used by top event planners and the biggest global brands to create interactive, engaging event entertainment."Said Walthers. "We have recently began to focus on branding and brand activation with both the slow motion video and digital graffiti wall technology." Added Walthers.

Wedding and event planners need to stay ahead of trends for their clients, and are constantly seeking innovative ways to create new unique experiences for event guests and these two technologies appear to deliver on the promise of what people are looking for.

For more information on these exciting trends in evententertainment be sure and visit and or call Dennis Walthers at 214-293-5044. Email:

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info: Name: Dennis Walthers Email: Organization: SloMo Lounge Dallas Address: Dallas, TX 75201 Phone: 214.293.5044

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