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Different, Unique, & Innovative Event Entertainment with a Digital Twist

Something Different | Event Entertainment

As an event professional I have the opportunity to see and experience a lot of different types of events and meet many event professionals. Recently I got a call from an event planner and she was asking me what new interesting and creative event entertainment I had seen in my recent travels. She was in the midst of making a proposal to a very important client for an event with over 1,500 people and she was desperate for new and innovative event entertainment that this group of professionals would find fun and exciting. She was bored with living statues, magicians, mechanical bulls, caricature artist and the like.

It was at that moment that I knew what I had to offer would be something she would and the client would both love. I had been working on two new entertainment technologies that were designed for event industry that appeal to a wide audience demographic. From Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs to corporate events and private parties these two unique event entertainment technologies have you covered.

The first is a digital graffiti wall technology called Air Graffiti Dallas. What is a digital graffiti wall you ask? Using innovative technology we create digital spray paint on HD photos that are displayed on a giant 8’ tall by 10’ wide digital screen.

Using our digital spray cans you can select color, width of spray and even if you want the paint to drip or not. Add a hash tag, thought bubble, caption or create cool graffiti art in real time right on your photo. Add digital photo props like hats and glasses or digital stencils. In short “Air Graffiti” is a combination of technologies that when combined create an experience that event guest will love. Learn more at

The second and latest event entertainment introduction that fills the bill of being different and unique comes from SloMo Lounge of Dallas. Slow Motion Photo Booth technology. Event guests take a short video while they interact with each other and quirky props which is then played back in super slow motion. The outcome is a crowd pleaser because its as fun to watch as it is to participate. Learn more about the Dallas SloMo Lounge at


Air Graffiti and SloMo Lounge were both used with the event planner looking for something different to the rave reviews of her client and the guests. We heard a lot of comments like, “This is so cool”, “I have never seen anything like this”

So if you have an upcoming event and you seek different, unique, and innovative event entertainment you should investigate using Air Graffiti Dallas and\or the SloMo Lounge. They will travel to any destination as well as offer many customized options for your event.

Party on and be Unique!

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