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Advanced High Speed Camera – Shoot up to 260fps In HD!

SloMo Lounge of Dallas provides the highest quality of full HD slow motion playback by shooting video at 260 frames per second using a customized Sony NEXFS700UKcamera with advanced features which offer incredible Slow Motion capabilities. Our SloMo Pro series camera you can shoot up to 240fps in HD, that's 8x Slow Motion!!


Don’t be confused by others trying to do a Slow Motion Photo Booth with a GoPro which isn't meant for controlled environments and has too wide of a lens; or even worse, a DSLR which only shoots at 60fps (Hardly High Speed). There is no comparison to our custom High Speed Camera.  A difference you can see! 

External Display – Easily Feature A Slideshow Of SloMo Lounge Videos From The Event!

SloMo Lounge Dallas seamlessly creates slideshows that can be displayed on an external monitor at your event! As videos are created, they will be added to the playlist, allowing everyone at the event to enjoy the SloMo Booth videos.  In fact we can connect up to 2 external displays to our SloMo Booth computer effortlessly. It may also be possible to use a WiDi for a wireless display.  Contact us for additional details.

Mobile Glass Truck SloMo Lounge

Take the show on the road with moble SloMo Lounge.  Let us create a customized experience for your brand campaign .  Our mobile glass truck goes where the action is and engages the crowd with the Slow Motion video activation

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We've got you covered!

Don’t loose your head!  We’ve got you covered with the hottest technology in the event entertainment industry.  The Dallas SloMo Lounge is a hit with event professionals and event guests. Book your event as far as 24 months in advance and lock in your date with a small deposit of only $200.   Dallas based SloMo Lounge has already been used by some of the largest global brands for both employee as well as client events with rave reviews.   If you were looking for event entertainment with a new fresh approach and a little pizzazz you have found it.  

Social Media Integration Facebook, Twitter, Email, and More!

All new for 2015 we have integrated social media sharing which allows your SloMo videos and photos to be shared via email, facebook and twitter.  .

Comprehensive Data Capture – Email, Social Media, and Demographics

All new for 2015 we have integrated social media sharing which allows your SloMo videos and photos to be shared via email, facebook and twitter. 


SloMo Lounge of Dallas unique software provides the features you want and need. If desired we can setup data capture tools to enable the capture of emails, twitter handles, and even survey data.  Ask us for more details!  

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Vogue Fashion booth SloMo

Upgrade from normal SloMo to the new Fashion Vogue Booth that features 16 LED light tubes and video projection of video slide show on the exterior of the unit! 

Is this going to take very long? Heck No!

The Dallas SloMo Video Lounge process flow is much more fun and exciting than a standard photo booth! Users get to create a video, watch it in slow motion, and then pick still shots from it for beautiful lab quality branded prints, after which they can share with the world on social media! Does it get any better than that?


Also, everything is happening in real time, so in most cases our SloMo Lounge software process is faster than a traditional photo booth which means less wait time for event guests! process is faster than a traditional photo booth which means less wait time for event guests!  Average is just 3 Minutes per group. 

Brand Activation

Allow us to customize the features of the SloMo Lounge to include branding applications that put your brand in the spotlight front and center when event guests use our services. This means your clients will feel extra special because all of the elements will be to their specifications! Also, you are able to watermark each photo and video with your Company's branding for some additional exposure. 


A customized branded communications will accompany the link to the video sent via email or shared on social media. 


The SloMo Lounge is great for trade shows, PR, events, marketing and customer entertainment

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