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Unique and Innovative Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas for 2015

You have spent a lot of time and energy to plan the perfect wedding. This is your day of celebration and all the attention needs to be on you during the wedding. After the wedding it’s time to celebrate with friends and family at the reception. To help you we have assembled the best of the best wedding reception entertainment ideas and tips that you can use to make your wedding reception a memorable time for your guests. The rule here is to create entertainment that engages the wedding guests, entertains and is memorable.

  • Dance with the Stars -The father, daughter dance and the first dance will have all eyes on you so make it special. Hire a choreographer that will make these dances special and memorable. It will be a great experience that will bring together those involved in preparation for the big event. This can be expanded to create a Groomsmen or bridesmaid’s dance that will entertain the crowd and get them ready to join the party. Include a 10 Minute line dance lesson at the reception that everyone can learn and join the fun.

  • Photo Event Entertainment – The typical photo booth is giving way to new technologies that offer engaging, and unique experiences that your guests will love. One of these is the Digital Graffiti Wall. Don’t let the word Graffiti scare you. These are basically large rear projection screens that display HD photos of your guest that can be personalized with digital spray paint. Your guest can spray paint on their photos or you can have a professional artist to create stand alone art or assist your guest with their photo. A great example of this is technology is from Air Graffiti Dallas. Air Graffiti can also be integrated with Instagram to use photos taken by guests with their smartphone.

  • The second new technology that is quickly becoming a crowd favorite is the slow motion photo booth. Event professional use high speed video cameras to take short video clips of wedding guests using quirky photo props then play the video back in super slow motion. To see this technology in action check out

  • Let Them Eat Cake – Yes Food can be entertaining as well. Why not bring a variety Food Trucks to the reception and let guests have their choice of food and desert. This could also be used for the late night crowd. If you need some help with this check out

  • May I Have This Dance?– Want something unique? How about dueling pianos. Skip the DJ and bring in a Jukebox with a sound system and your song selection and lets the guests play away! Google Wedding Songs and your style of music to find recommended playlists and songs.

  • It's All On Video– Its time to step up the videography with the latest technology. If your wedding reception is outdoors you should include a drone to video the event from the sky. Or maybe a drone video as you exits the reception to escape to your honeymoon. Unique and Creative

  • A Touch of Magic– Hire a magician that blends into the crowd to do close up small group magic for the event guests. We love the new iPad and smartphone magicians.

  • A Moment To Behold – Place sparklers around the reception with a note that says do not light until told. Have the DJ announce an appropriate time and get the photographers and videographers ready.

  • I Came For The Beer - Be bold with water cooler cocktails. Create alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed beverages in 5 gallon water coolers. Jack and Coke, captain and coke, or Crown and coke for starters. Another idea is to provide tastings. Wines, beers, or whiskeys served in shot style glasses. Please provide safe transportation for event guests via Uber as well.

  • It's All About The Space – Breakaway from the norm. Takeover a local hip nightclub and turn it into your personal celebration. Create a VIP area that for your guests that need to sit down or desire a quieter surrounding.

  • Sign Here – Have your guests sign giant customized cards supported on easels with colored permanent markers. Suitable for framing after the event.

Here’s to being innovative and unique at your wedding reception in 2015.


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