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SloMo Lounge Featured on Bizbash

MAKE AN IMPRESSION- Everything is funnier in slow motion! Short videos shot with high speed, 260 frames per second cameras, played back in 8X super slow motion HD video set to the sound track of your choice.   Amazing! 

Slow Motion Photo Booth


3-5 Seconds of high speed video shooting at 260 frames per second. 



Pick 4x6 lab quality prints with 3 still shots and a logo.  



Your video vie email or text and post to social media

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The SloMo Lounge brings all new exciting and innovative experiences to your event. The HD Slow Motion Video Booth! Guest will take short 4-5 second videos with our advanced professional video camera equipment at 260 frames per second that are played back in full high definition super slow motion (8X slower) to create fun and memorable video and photos from your event.  Using props such as confetti, bubbles, and balloons you create exciting slow motion video memories like never before.  SloMo Lounge is all about creating a new experience that event guests have not seen or experienced before.  Something fresh, new, creative, and innovative!  Did you know the Huffington Post reported that  Slow Motion is one of the hottest trends in the event entertainment industry?  The SloMo Lounge was featured in BizBash!  


Normal video is 30 frames per second and when slowed down creates blurred video.  We shoot video at 260fps which means even at speeds 8x slower than normal you get crystal clear high definition video that shows facial expressions, and emotions in superb detail. An 8 second video takes almost a full minute to play back in slow motion. We provide the props and the direction.  You provide the animated fun!   Don't be fooled by wanna-be slow motion video booths using Go Pros or DSLR shooting at 120 frames per second, its not even close. 


SloMo Lounge is based in Dallas, Texas but can travel to any event or destination!  We specialize in cutting edge slow motion video and other amazing activation's. Check out for innovative and unique event entertainment with a digital twist. 



Instantly with you friends for some hilarious fun!  It's amazing what happens in just a few seconds


Slow Motion Photo Booth
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